National is helping New Zealand families get ahead by delivering more jobs, boosting incomes and delivering better public services for all New Zealanders.

“Today we launched our Families policy for the 2017 election, and we’re focused on ensuring that all New Zealanders enjoy the benefits of a strong economy,” Prime Minister and Leader of the National Party Bill English says.

“National’s Family Incomes Package will boost the incomes of 1.3 million families by $1350 per year on average from 1 April 2018, through income tax reductions and increases to Working for Families and the Accommodation Supplement.

“The Package is designed to especially assist low and middle income earners, and will reduce the number of children living in families earning less than half of the median income by around 50,000. Labour showed their true colours by voting against it.

“The Family Incomes Package includes changes to income tax thresholds which will put an extra $1060 a year in the pocket of someone on the average wage. And that’s on top of wage increases driven by our strong economy, with the average annual wage up $13,000 to $59,000 - twice the rate of inflation - since we took office.

“Over 180,000 jobs have been created in the past two years alone and our strong economy means we can invest record amounts in the infrastructure and public services New Zealanders deserve – delivering world-class schools and hospitals and greater protection for our environment.”

Other steps in National’s plan to support New Zealand families include:

  • Extending Paid Parental Leave to 22 weeks so new parents can spend more time at home with their babies
  • Providing additional support for first home buyers to help them through the door of their first home
  • Upgrading National Standards so that parents can see the progress their children are making at school throughout the year
  • Additional investment in digital, maths and language skills for our children at school
  • Rolling out cheap GP visits to an extra 600,000 lower income New Zealanders, so that 2.5 million Kiwis will be able to see their doctor for $18 or less – including free visits for all under-13s
  • Extending the Community Services Card to an extra 350,000 New Zealanders
  • More funding for health services, including mental health – we’re now spending $5 billion more each year on health than when we came into office
  • Keeping our communities safer by delivering 1125 more Police staff, with the first recruits already at Police College

We are able to deliver all this because of our strong economy, underpinned by National’s clear economic plan,” Mr English says.

National knows that if you manage the Government’s finances well, you don’t need to raise new taxes.

“Our Family Incomes Package is funded from surpluses, not more debt or higher taxes, so it is sustainable. And the growing economy means we will be able to do even more for families, if we stay on track.

“Under National, New Zealanders will continue to share the benefits of a growing economy and they will continue to get ahead.”

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