The National Party has today released a summary of its 2017 election campaign announcements to date and their impact on future budgeted expenditure.

“The announcements we have made since 12 August have a total effect on the Government’s operating budget of $264 million in 2018/19 rising to $299 million in out years”, National Party Finance Spokesman Steven Joyce says.

“This compares with an annual operating allowance of $1.7 billion available in Budget 2018. Or in short, we have allocated a total of 15-17 per cent of the available Budget 2018 allowance, and nothing from subsequent years.

“On the capital side we have allocated $412 million of projects during the election campaign to date, compared with $4 billion of reserved capital funding which was unallocated in the Budget 2017 documents.

“It is clear from these figures that the National Party in government would have considerable funding available for further investment in public services and infrastructure while also both reducing debt and boosting family incomes from 1 April next year with the Family Incomes Package.

“We will continue to update this summary through the remainder of the election campaign.” 

The summary of announcements is attached here.

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