A strong economy means we can provide the services and support that New Zealanders are looking for. As our economy falters, welfare numbers increase and this Government heaps costs on New Zealanders, National Party Leader Simon Bridges has declared his bottom line: You.

“A strong economy means we can provide the healthcare you deserve, we can have an education system where your children go on to lead successful and fulfilling lives, it means you will have a warm, dry and affordable home, it means safer roads that don’t leave you in congestion so you can get home to your family faster,” Mr Bridges says.

“We cannot and will not sit back and think this is as good as it gets. You deserve better, you deserve and are entitled to a government that actually delivers. We have a strong team of 55 MPs who understand this. The National Party team is the best and strongest team in New Zealand politics.

“National is the party that understands the economy and can steer it in the right direction, so we can afford all of the things New Zealanders deserve. We understand what works for New Zealanders. We understand what works for you.

“National will continue to hold this Government to account. And we will continue to work hard to develop policies that have you at the centre of them. We will be ready to go in 2020, to make New Zealand better for you.

“The National Party has a bottom line. Our bottom line: You.”

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