A new National government will contribute an extra $120 million toward the construction of a Multi-Use Arena in Christchurch, taking the Government’s total contribution to $179 million.

“A new stadium will provide Canterbury with a flexible venue that will attract a wide range of sports, entertainment and hosting events to the city and increase the number of visitors to the region,” Greater Christchurch Regeneration spokesperson Nicky Wagner says. 

“Our preference is for a 30,000 capacity arena with a fully closed roof – however the configuration is ultimately up to the community and Christchurch City Council.

“The $120 million investment is on top of the Government’s $59 million commitment for land acquisition, demolition and business cases, bringing the total contribution to $179 million.”

Ms Wagner says National’s funding commitment gives Christchurch the assurance it needs to make an informed decision on the best option, and will enable work to start next year.

“This isn’t just any other stadium, it’s a central hub that will be designed to bring together the community and invigorate wider Canterbury. The multi-purpose concept is critical because it will ensure the facility is well used and cost effective, with broader opportunities for events,” Ms Wagner says.

“The Multi-Use Arena is the final anchor project to get underway and National is committed to getting it done.

“When combined with funding the Council has set aside thorough the cost sharing agreement, today’s announcement means there is already sufficient funding committed for a 30,000 capacity stadium with an open roof. The Christchurch community may need to source further funding if they choose a more expensive option.

“This $179 million dollar contribution builds on the National Government’s $17b commitment to the rebuild.

“This year alone we opened three new schools, completed the $2.2 billion horizontal infrastructure repair programme, unveiled the Canterbury Earthquake National Memorial, announced a contract to complete the design and construction of the Convention Centre, and put forward a strong offer to support the reinstatement of ChristChurch Cathedral.

“Christchurch continues to go from strength to strength, with strong job growth, more visitors returning and the regeneration of the city well underway.

 “National remains committed to helping the city back on its feet.” 

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