Earlier today the National Party Caucus voted unanimously to expel Jami-Lee Ross.

This was the strongest possible action the Caucus can take and reflects the seriousness of the issues and the fact we are united and focused on the interests of New Zealanders.

It is clear Jami-Lee Ross was not.

We are not going to tolerate the kind of lies and disloyalty we’ve seen from Jami-Lee Ross who has put his own interests above the National Party and those of New Zealanders.

The lies, the leaks and other allegations about his conduct are unacceptable.

I also entirely reject the allegations Jami-Lee has made around the handling of political donations.

I invite Jami-Lee Ross to take these matters to the Police and I invite the Police to investigate them fully and promptly. They will find the allegations are baseless.

We as a caucus are going to now draw a line under this. We will be resolutely strong and focused on the things that matter to New Zealanders.

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