National has supported Trevor Mallard’s appointment as Parliament’s Speaker as a result of his repeated expressions of support for a robust and fair Parliament, committed to holding the Government to account.

“The National Party accepted Labour’s nomination for Speaker because Mr Mallard has professed strong views about how Parliament can work better,” National Party Leader Bill English says.

“He said just this year there is no need for urgency in the modern Parliament and he’s also expressed clear views about a greater role for select committees, and the Opposition on them, in scrutinising legislation in detail.

“As he has said, these committees are ‘not rubber stamps for the executive’ and passing legislation under urgency is ‘a lazy approach to avoid the proper scrutiny of select committees’.

“We have taken him at his word that he will be a Speaker who can be Parliament’s man, not the Government’s, and who understands that one of the most important things for good government is a strong Opposition in a Parliament that holds the executive to account.

“National is committed to holding the Government to account. We will ensure it continues to build on New Zealand’s success, supporting it where its efforts will do so, and critiquing and opposing where we believe it won’t.

“National is the Parliament’s largest party and we will ensure that counts. Mr Mallard’s strong support for a robust Parliament will help ensure we perform that role effectively.”

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