National would ensure testing is actually mandatory

New Zealand’s team of 5 million have done their part in combating Covid-19, but the Government is failing to do theirs, National’s Health spokesperson Michael Woodhouse says.

“We now know of two tests that weren’t done, which led to two positive cases, but we have no idea how many other potential cases haven’t been tested.

“The Minister has claimed that he expects testing to be mandatory, but under his watch it has been voluntary and he has no idea how many people have walked away from quarantine without having the two tests the Government said would be taking place.

“A National Government would ensure there is a full health check for every person entering the country and mandatory testing on entry and exit of quarantine is properly carried out.

“The Government has the power and the means to do the testing, it’s crazy to think that they haven’t been.

“I’ve been inundated with messages and stories of people who have failed to be tested and have still been able to re-join the general public. A National Government would ensure this doesn’t happen.

“These clear lapses in procedure and common sense need to be fixed immediately. The huge sacrifices all New Zealanders made through lockdown should not be in vain because the Government can’t deliver its end of the deal.”