National will launch a global PhD scholarship scheme

A National Government will add expertise to New Zealand’s technology sector by launching a Global PhD Scholarship scheme, Leader of the National Party Judith Collins says.

You can read our Global PhD Scholarship Scheme Policy Factsheet here.

“This is part of National’s ambitious goal to double the size of New Zealand’s technology sector by 2030.

“We’re sending a strong message to New Zealand’s best and brightest, that a National Government will champion technology and innovation.

The Global PhD Scholarship scheme will target top PhD candidates from major universities around the world studying STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and other technology-related fields.

The scheme will offer 200 scholarships of up to $50,000 for these PhD candidates to spend six months (or more) conducting their research at a New Zealand University and around New Zealand.

“As part of this programme we are encouraging global talent to engage and connect with our business community. We hope to establish strong cultural and professional ties with the world’s best and brightest,” Ms Collins says.

“Our tech sector has amazing potential. If we attract the right talent and create an environment for growth then our tech sector will fuel our economy for years to come.

“New Zealand needs to grow its way out of this economic crisis, which will only be possible with the hard work, ingenuity and determination of the private sector.

“National’s NZ Tech 2030 Plan will diversify our exports, level-up our economic productivity, and generate thousands of high-paying, future-proofed jobs for New Zealanders.”

You can read our Global PhD Scholarship Scheme Policy Factsheet here.