National welcomes Public Service Commissioner investigation into Kāinga Ora

National welcomes the decision by the Public Service Commissioner today to launch an investigation into the concerning matters we uncovered at Kāinga Ora, National’s spokesperson for Housing and Urban Development Nicola Willis says.

“This decision follows our letter to the Commissioner and our public exposure of a series of events at Kāinga Ora that left unchecked would leave a stain on the Public Service.”

As Commissioner Peter Hughes says: “Political neutrality and trustworthiness are bottom lines for the Public Service. The matters that have been raised go to trust and confidence in a key public service agency”.

“I note that the Minister of Housing told Parliament this week she has known about these matters since August. She could have initiated a thorough investigation then, but chose not to. That was a serious error which the Minister must now explain. 

“I am pleased that National’s efforts have ensured a thorough investigation of these matters will now ensue,” says Ms Willis.