National urges New Zealanders to submit on the Three Strike Legislation Repeal Bill

Labour’s decision to repeal the Three Strikes law is a slap in the face to victims who have suffered at the hands of violent criminals, says National Party Spokesperson for Justice Simon Bridges.

“This law change will not make communities safer but reaffirms the Government’s position of being soft on crime. The repeal of the Three Strikes law is a sad day for New Zealanders.

“National introduced the Three Strikes law back in 2010 to make sure that the worst repeat offenders would not be eligible for parole. Criminals convicted under the law have committed an average of 74 offences.

“The Three Strikes law is an effective deterrent for further serious offending and this is backed up by the fact so few offenders have reached a third strike.

“It is crucial we hold offenders to account and ensure victims get justice for the harm they have suffered.

“National is the party of law and order and we will fight the repeal all the way. When we return to Government, we will reinstate the Three Strikes law.

“The National Party encourages New Zealanders to submit on this proposed law change while they can.”

You can make a submission here