National urges Government to stop fuel hike

National is reiterating its call for the Government to defer the 4c hike in petrol excise duty and road user charges scheduled for July 1, National’s Transport Spokesperson Chris Bishop says.

“There couldn’t be a worse time to increase fuel tax. Households and businesses are facing unprecedented economic pain because of Covid-19. The last thing they need is yet another tax hike from the Government.

Labour increased fuel tax on July 1 in 2018 and 2019, plus introduced the Auckland Regional Fuel tax.

“Part of the justification for the three years of fuel tax increases was to pay for Labour’s flagship light rail project from the CBD to Auckland Airport The project is in tatters, and if officially “on hold”.

“There is no plan, no delivery partner, no business case, no costing, no consents and no route. It is a disaster on a scale with Kiwibuild.

“With the project officially on hold, there is no reason for this fuel tax increase to go ahead. The Government needs to do the right thing and cancel the increase for July 1.”

The Petition can be found HERE