National to build for school growth

A National Government will resolve the overcrowding crisis in New Zealand schools by investing an additional $2.8 billion above current school property funding allocations for additional classrooms and new schools says National Education spokesperson Nicola Willis.

“National is committed to fast-tracking work to build new classrooms at Ormiston Primary School to accommodate projected roll growth. 

“It’s unacceptable that Government inaction has led to children at this school spilling over into neighbouring schools and being taught in the staff room and library. National will fix this,” Ms Willis says, speaking at Auckland’s Ormiston Primary school today.

“We can make this commitment because we have set aside an additional $2.8 billion in school infrastructure funding over ten years to get ahead of school roll growth projections across the country. Sadly, Labour remains committed to a ‘just-in-time’ infrastructure approach and has failed to make the fiscal allocations needed to resolve these issues.

“Why is it that under Labour this school can’t get funding for new classrooms but the Prime Minister is happy to endorse $11.7m for the private Green School?”

“This is the kind of shovel-ready project a sensible National Government would be funding instead.

“This will be one of many school crowding crises we will see if Labour wins another term”

“The Ministry of Education predicts an additional 61 schools are needed to accommodate roll growth in the next ten years along with hundreds of new classrooms. Labour has not put in place enough funding for this growth, instead preferring a regime of increasingly restrictive school enrolment zones.

“Minister Hipkins has failed to react to this emerging crisis, perhaps overwhelmed by his competing portfolio responsibilities,” Ms Willis says.

“National will prioritise getting this community the infrastructure it needs to grow with confidence,” National Party candidate for Botany, Christopher Luxon says.

“While this community is fast-growing, people here need to know that the Government will ensure adequate schools for their children. It’s all any parent would want,” National Party candidate for Takanini, Rima Nakhle says.