National sets targets to end lockdown limbo

National has set two clear targets to end to lockdown restrictions and get New Zealand back in business, says Leader of the Opposition Judith Collins.

“We would put an end to lockdowns, reopen our economy and reconnect to the world when we hit 85-90 per cent vaccination, along with district health board and age-based milestones, or on December 1, whichever comes earlier.

“These very clear and deliberate targets underpin our economic plan – Back in Business – which we will be formally announcing later this morning.

“The undeniable fact is that we cannot allow things to continue as they are. Our largest city has been in lockdown for almost 10 weeks and there’s still no end in sight.

“The Government has no plan. It has no targets.

“We have a plan and we have targets – targets everyone can rally behind and commit to. Targets that can give hope to many, many New Zealanders who have almost given up.

“Hope for businesses that there’s a way through, hope for parents that their children will be able to return to school, hope for people waiting for important surgeries, hope for Kiwis overseas that they can come home and be reunited with family for Christmas.

“But, as we announced in our ‘Opening Up’ Covid response plan, a vaccination rate of 85-90 per cent is just one part of what needs to happen to restore the freedoms we’ve been forced by this Government to give up.

“We would boost ICU capacity, put rapid antigen testing and saliva testing in place, and step up vaccination of people in vulnerable communities. We will purchase and rollout vaccine boosters, as well as secure effective therapeutic treatments.

“If the will is there, we can do it. We urge the Government to adopt our plans – New Zealanders need certainty now, more than ever.”

You can read our 'Back in Business' economic plan here.