National releases Ute Tax video to demand the debate

Leader of the Opposition Judith Collins says National’s ‘Demand the Debate’ campaign has received unprecedented support since its launch on Sunday and has today released a video highlighting the effect the Government’s Ute Tax will have on the rural sector.

“The Government’s Ute Tax unfairly penalises farmers, tradies and others who rely upon vehicles for which there is no electric alternative,” Ms Collins says.

“Farmers helped New Zealand get through the Covid-19 lockdown and today their protests around the country demonstrate how out of touch the Government is with rural New Zealand.

“Labour never campaigned on the Ute Tax and in fact was categorical in ruling out any new taxes. The rural sector along with almost every New Zealander is being hit in the back-pocket through new taxes, rent increases and costs on businesses.

“The stories we’ve received from New Zealanders since our campaign started five days ago has built a picture of people feeling they are being left out and who want the debate.

“Today the rural sector is standing up and driving their tractors and utes through our towns and cities to send a clear signal to Wellington that they won’t be walked over. 

“The Government’s Parliamentary majority is not a mandate for Labour to promote its ideological wish list. New Zealanders deserve a say on their country’s future and together we must demand the debate.”

A link to the video can be found here.

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