National opposes Green’s motion on Israeli-Palestinian conflict

The National Party will not support a motion proposed by the Green Party regarding the current violence between Israel and the Palestine Authority (Hamas), National’s Foreign Affairs spokesperson Gerry Brownlee says.

The Green Party is proposing a motion for Parliament to recognise and support the right of Palestine to self-determination and statehood and recognise the state of Palestine.

“National’s position has consistently been in favour of the two state system,” Mr Brownlee says.

“Despite the failure of talks over many years to achieve this, we are firmly of the view that it is the best solution to the extraordinary violence that has for a long time and currently is afflicting both Israelis and Arabs on the two sides of the argument.

“It is our position that the two sides need to desist from the current violent engagement and get back to the table on talks that could lead to this two state solution that with commitment from both could bring peace to both states.”