Police Minister Stuart Nash has some explaining to do about his appointment of Wally Haumaha as Deputy Police Commissioner, National’s Police spokesperson Chris Bishop says.

“Mr Haumaha has made some highly disappointing comments about very serious allegations made against his friends in the New Zealand Police.

“Mr Nash must answer the following questions:

  1. Did he know about these comments? If he did, why did he make the decision to appoint Mr Haumaha to such a senior role?
  2. If he didn’t know, then why not? Did no one tell him, and if so, why not?
  3. Knowing what we all know now, would he have still made the appointment?
  4. What did the State Services Commission panel know?
  5. What effect will this appointment will have on Police culture and the public’s trust in our Police?

“Police have worked hard for years to regain the public’s trust and confidence, and Mr Nash needs to explain how the appointment of Mr Haumaha as the new Deputy Commissioner will not set them back.”

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