The Government’s refusal to rule out a red meat tax will come as a shock to the sector and shows just how little is safe from this Government’s plans to add more and more new taxes, National’s Agriculture Spokesperson Nathan Guy says.

“Associate Health Minister Julie Anne Genter has refused to rule out a red meat tax following yet another report yesterday recommending yet more taxes, this time from the same people pushing for a sugar tax.

“Saying it’s not under active consideration ‘at this stage’ is sneaky. The Government needs to be upfront with Kiwi families and farmers if they have secret plans to add a tax to red meat or any other New Zealand industry.

“This announcement from a Green Party Minister which shows that this Government is continuing its attack on farmers proves how far this Government will go with any new taxes and adding to the cost of living.

“The red meat sector is worth around $9 billion of exports. Over 25,000 New Zealanders are employed and will be horrified the Government is not ruling out taxing the red meat industry. 

“Where will this tax and spend agenda stop?

“The Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor has already said that when it comes to soaring costs and taxes on farmers that there are more coming. The Minister arrogantly told farmers that they needed to ‘get used to it!’

“Mr O’Connor has signalled that a climate tax for farmers is coming, he has slashed the Primary Growth Partnership fund and the Government is refusing to fund any new water storage projects – despite a massive heat wave hitting us now.

“Meanwhile the Tax Working Group is about to propose a Capital Gains Tax on the family farm alongside a new suite of water and environmental taxes.

“Food producers are the backbone of the New Zealand’s economy. They expect better from the Government. I challenge Winston Peters and Jacinda Ardern to confirm whether a tax will be added to our red meat as proposed by the Green Party in Government.”

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