While the Government is taking more taxes from motorists than ever, it has stripped $5 billion from regional roads that would have made a big difference to our regions, National’s Transport spokesperson Paul Goldsmith says.

“National MPs have delivered eight petitions to the Transport and Infrastructure Select Committee this morning, signed by 16,091 New Zealanders.

“The New Zealanders around the country who have signed these petitions are concerned about safety and congestion. The new highways the previous National Government built are now some of the safest in New Zealand, and they help Kiwis get to their destination quicker.

“National had planned to do so much more, and in some cases work would have already begun on roads, but the current Labour-led Government has changed that. Now the regions will have to make do with half measures and compromises that in most cases won’t do the job.

“National is holding this Government to account, and we will ensure that the voices of all New Zealanders are heard – from Northland, to Pukekohe, Katikati, Napier, Ashburton, and countless other towns that are being left high and dry by a Government that is prioritising its pet projects.

“Most of the money siphoned from the regions has been diverted to a slow tram from Auckland’s CBD to the airport that few people understand and for which the Government has yet to see a completed business case.

“New Zealanders across the country are paying more in fuel taxes, but aren’t seeing the investment in their regional roads. Regions are being side-lined by a Government who is letting ideology drive transport policy.”

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