The Government’s major impact on the energy sector has been higher electricity prices and more coal being burned, contrary to the claims by David Parker in Davos, National’s Energy and Resources spokesperson Jonathan Young says.

“Speaking from the World Economic Summit in Davos, Minister Parker told Radio New Zealand’s Morning Report that ‘there is very little coal being burned for electricity’ in New Zealand.

“This is despite the fact that recent data, published by MBIE, showed that coal burning for electricity generation has more than doubled in the past year under his Government.

“An increase in coal use was one of the main reasons why National opposed the reckless oil and gas ban. Not only is coal worse for the environment, it also comes at a substantial cost to New Zealanders as the coal has to be imported from Indonesia to meet demand. 

“Parker continued to say that ‘electricity is under control’ in New Zealand, despite the fact that the expected electricity price for 2020 - based off the futures market - has increased from $76 a megawatt hour (MWh) when the Government came to office, to $125 a MWh as of 31 December 2019, a 60 per cent increase. 

“The Government’s poor energy policies have been hurting businesses as wholesale prices have skyrocketed, and it appears that these increases are now bleeding into household prices.

“The cost of living has steadily increased under this Government due to increased rent, fuel taxes and increasing electricity prices. New Zealanders can’t afford this Government.”

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