The Government must be more agile when it comes to allowing businesses to keep operating during the lockdown if they can prove they can do so safely, National’s Economic Development spokesperson Todd McClay says.

“Our economy has already faced unprecedented devastation since the Government closed it down, we should be doing all we can help revive it and protect businesses and jobs.

“To date the decision making has been too arbitrary and there are too many inconsistencies. For instance, allowing dairies to open but not local butchers or greengrocers, agriculture to continue but not forestry, cigarettes to be manufactured but community newspapers cannot be printed.  

“If a business proves it can operate safely, provide contactless selling and ensure physical distancing then they should be able to operate.

“It seems wrong that New Zealanders can order goods from overseas but can’t order the same thing locally. The thousands of small home business in particulars that meet the Covid-19 health a safety guidelines should be allowed to recommence activity.

“Our economy has already suffered so much, we should be doing everything we can to breathe some life back into it quickly, as long as it is done safely.”

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