More than 8000 gang members in New Zealand

The latest figures on gangs have been released to National, with the number of gang members in our communities passing 8000 for the first time, National’s Police spokesperson Simeon Brown says.

“Since Labour came into office in 2017 gangs have recruited 2660 new members, an increase of just under 50 per cent.

“Gang members are a blight on society. These organised criminal organisations prey upon law abiding citizens and peddle drugs like methamphetamine throughout our communities.

“More gang members means more crime and violence on our streets. Already this year we have seen armed robberies, drive-by shootings, and a prison destroyed by gang members.

“Rather than question police intelligence, the Minister of Police should get on with fixing the problem.

“The Government should urgently implement National’s Firearm Prohibition Orders (FPOs), which is in Select Committee now, rather than throw it out just to bring similar legislation to Parliament at some point later in the year.

“Labour is just playing politics.

“Every day we delay is another day where gangs are engaging in violent criminal activity and recruiting more and more people.

“The Government must be doing more to stop the number of gang members increasing.

“The public have had enough. They’re sick and tired of Labour’s soft approach to crime and want decisive action now before gangs are entrenched in every suburb of New Zealand.”

You can read the latest figures on gangs here.