Housing Minister Phil Twyford is struggling today to provide any detail on his KiwiBuild policy using the well-worn excuse that it is still ‘early days’, National’s Housing spokesperson Judith Collins says.

“In Question Time today Mr Twyford did not know where the carpenters, plumbers and electricians were going to come from to build the 3000 - 4000 houses that he’s announced will go on the Unitec site.

“He also had no details as to his KiwiBuild visa and where these visa holders will live while building the houses.

“The one thing he has been able to confirm though, is Kiwibuild houses will likely measure 30 square metres for studio dwellings and 45 square metres for one or more bedroom dwellings.

“Incredibly, that’s smaller than a standard double garage and a long way from the aspirational dreams of many first home buyers.

“A major bank has confirmed today that for apartments of less than 30 square metres, there will be no lending and that one bedrooms less than 45 square metres will receive no more than 50% of the value of the property.

“That means that prospective purchasers will be expected to front up with a half of the value of the property and even then, won’t be able to sell it for five years. 

“The lack of attention to detail on Labour’s flagship policy has continued from last week when the Housing Minister did not know that a 10 year warranty is mandatory for all new residential homes.

“Detail matters and, just six weeks out from announcing the details of the $2 billion spend in this year’s Budget, Phil Twyford has been shown to have no grasp of how to deliver on his big promises,” Ms Collins says.

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