Minister won’t take guns from gangs

Police Minister Stuart Nash has refused to back law changes that would keep guns out of the hands of gangs in New Zealand, National’s Police spokesperson Brett Hudson says.

“My Member’s Bill, Arms (Firearms Prohibition Orders) Amendment Bill, was set down for first reading. Nash had come out earlier and stated that Labour would not support this bill.

“Gang firearm related incidents have continue to increase as the number of gang members in New Zealand has increased. In the first ten weeks of 2020 there was 156 incidents of firearms offences committed by gang members or associates.

“The aim of my Member’s Bill is to combat issues like this and take firearms away from those who pose great danger to public safety.

“Labour continues to show their incompetence. Supporting measures to protect our communities should be one of their top priorities. The fact they will not support the Bill is incredibly disappointing.

“The Government should be focusing on the real problems with firearms which are the crimes committed by violent criminals and gangs.

“A National Government will make protecting our communities from gang-related crimes a priority.”