Minister turns her back on Māori media

Cutting funding for Māori news services would be an insult to Māori, National’s Māori Development spokesperson Jo Hayes says.

“The creative work of Māori media is an integral part of our cultural landscape. These services offer a unique perspective as part of our flourishing creative economy.

“Having a range of voices across our media sector is deeply important. Kiwis need to see the broader picture of how the world is changing in its consumption of content.

“National is willing to constructively engage with the sector to make sure that, rather than a proliferation of Government funding agencies, the Māori media sector has the tools it needs.

“We are more than willing to sit down with Māori Development Minister Nanaia Mahuta to discuss these viewpoints, but this proposal to cut funding should be tabled for now.

“The main benefit of having multiple Māori media outlets is they all reach unique groups of people. This diversity should be seen as an advantage of our media sector, not a burden.”