Mike Butterick National’s new candidate in Wairarapa

Today Mike Butterick has been selected as National’s candidate standing in Wairarapa for the 2020 General Election.

Mike replaces Alastair Scott who has held the seat since 2014 and is standing down at the election. Mike is currently a sheep and beef farmer in the Wairarapa.

“It’s really exciting to be selected as National’s candidate for Wairarapa. Wairarapa, alongside the rest of the country, is heading into some very uncertain times and it needs a strong National Government to help guide us out of this economic crisis,” Mr Butterick says.

“I agree with new National Leader Todd Muller that while we should take some pride in the way the country has come through the health crisis, we now face an unprecedented economic crisis that will require a different set of skills.

“Small business, from your cafes and hairdressers to your farms, vineyards and rural support businesses, are the backbone of this country and our economy. Wairarapa has it all.

“Wairarapa is hard working, but it needs the support of a National Government to help it through this economic crisis.

“In the good times the current Government struggled to deliver on its promises, particularly around infrastructure. National’s history shows it can be counted on to deliver.

“I’m looking forward to campaigning and earning Wairarapa’s trust to win support and join the National Party team.

Biographical Notes: Mike Butterick

Mike Butterick is currently a sheep and beef farmer in the Wairarapa. Mike began his career shepherding in Canterbury before moving to the Wairarapa in 1990 and bought a farm in 1995.

With his wife Rachel, they have worked, lived and raised their family in the Wairarapa. Mike prides himself on being 100 per cent provincial.

Mike is also the Meat and Wool Chair of Wairarapa Federated Farmers and is part of the Wairarapa Primary Skills Leaders group. He was the original spokesperson for the provincial lobby group ‘Fifty Shades of Green’, advocating for changes in climate policies regarding afforestation of productive farmland.

Mike has been married to Rachel for 25 years and they are proud parents to a son and three daughters.