New Zealanders who are currently still stranded in India will need assistance trying to return home, National’s spokesperson for Foreign Affairs Gerry Brownlee says.

“We have Kiwis who are in India who are running the risk of being without medication, money and being evicted from hotels.

“India has had growing unrest since issue of their curfew. There has been an increase in crime and violence which is making an already worrying situation that much worse.

“The Government has announced a mercy flight from Peru but with over 3000 Kiwis currently spread over Asia, only having one flight will not solve the problem for people stranded in India.

“Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade has issued the advice to “shelter in place”. This advice provides no practical help. I would encourage MFAT to look at every possibility for bringing Kiwis home.

“Our responsibility should not just stop at those within New Zealand but extend to include those who are desperately trying to return back to their families and loved ones.”

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