Support a cross party discussion on mental health

Support a cross-party mental health approach in New Zealand’s Parliament.

Treating mental illness and promoting mental wellbeing is one of the most challenging issues in New Zealand, affecting thousands of people every day. National believe New Zealanders want their MP’s to work collaboratively on developing mental health solutions and policy over a longer period than the three-year Parliamentary cycle.

That's why it's disappointing that the Health Minister David Clark has rejected the invitation to establish a cross-party mental health approach.

New Zealand’s Parliament has already seen benefits from a climate change cross-party group. The climate change cross-party group is an example of how this approach can help break down barriers to progress and we want to see the same happen in mental health.

It won’t be easy, there will still be a debate about the best solutions, but addressing mental health in New Zealand is too important not to give this a real go.

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