Trade Minister Todd McClay will meet with his Australian counterpart Steven Ciobo tomorrow in Canberra to register New Zealand’s concerns about a state procurement proposal which favours local Queensland tenders over all others.

Mr McClay says that the ‘Queensland First’ policy proposed by the State Premier goes against the spirit of the Australia New Zealand Government Procurement Agreement which was signed 20 years ago this month.

“There are a number of New Zealand businesses in Queensland and Queensland business in New Zealand doing good work for our respective governments. We expect kiwi businesses to be treated the same in Australia as Australian businesses are here – which is fairly,” Mr McClay says.

“I will be registering our disappointment and saying that we expect businesses on both sides of the Tasman to be able to operate on a level playing field.”

“We have a very special trading relationship under CER. It is our longest running trade agreement. It works well for both countries, and is responsible for creating thousands of jobs in Australia and New Zealand. It’s important that both governments and the states remain committed to the principles of CER and open trade.”

“New Zealand and Australian companies need certainty in each country. The Australia New Zealand Government Procurement Agreement provides this.”



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