Matt Stock is a dedicated family man who cherishes his loved ones and the Christchurch East community. With his extensive education experience as a Head of Science, Senior Dean and rugby coach, Matt knows how to lead and inspire others.

Matt is a strong advocate for strengthening our communities by fixing the economy so we can lower the cost of living and invest in the world-class public services people deserve. Through his work in education, he has inspired countless lives, nurtured young minds and shaped future generations. As a coach, he has instilled values of teamwork, perseverance, and fair play.

“My vision for our community is one of family, unity and progress. I believe in fostering a supportive environment where everyone has equal opportunities to thrive. Christchurch East, my home for nearly 20 years, has been forgotten about for far too long.”

Matt is committed to being accessible and visible in his community and will work tirelessly to address their needs if he earns the right to be their MP in National’s energised team.

I’m thrilled to have the chance to campaign in Christchurch East on the National Party policies that will make a real difference to people here.

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