The manufacturing sector deserves a government with a real plan for the economy following the third consecutive month of declining output, National’s Economic Development spokesperson Todd McClay says.

“The latest Performance of Manufacturing Index survey is reporting another month of contraction at a time when the economy should be strong. This is now a concerning trend.

“As this Labour-led Government collects extra taxes from hardworking Kiwis, the PMI is showing that manufacturing production has fallen to its lowest level since 2012.

“The world wants to buy New Zealand-made, but this Government’s policies are getting in the way.

“It needs to build infrastructure that moves people and goods around the country, free up businesses from costs and excessive regulations, remove the stringent anti-employer policies it’s introduced and focus on building real free trade deals.

“There’s so much this Government could do to support New Zealand businesses yet it’s asleep at the wheel.

“Ministers need to stop making excuses for the economy slowing down and get to work on delivering real policies to support our economy.

“National would deliver much-needed tax relief to New Zealanders through tax indexation and abolish the regional fuel tax. We’ll restore business confidence and revive the economy so that we can lift our aspirations, both in what we can earn and the social challenges we can overcome.”

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