Managed isolation still a complete shambles

It’s not only the residents of Stamford Plaza that deserve better from the Government, the whole process is a shambles, National’s Health spokesperson Michael Woodhouse says

“At a meeting today with the residents of Stamford Plaza, hosted by Auckland Central MP Nikki Kaye, the anger and frustration the residents were feeling was apparent.

“The Government’s lack of a clear plan for the use of the hotel as a managed isolation facility and complete lack of communication highlights what a disaster this whole process is.

“There is no doubt it was intended for the Stamford Plaza to be used for managed isolation when evidence that building work designed to provide rudimentary separation of guests and residents was undertaken as recently as yesterday. This makes the Government’s confusion and lack of communication on the matter all the more unforgivable.

“Some residents believe that the hotel was planning for its use as managed isolation for up to six months, exposing them to risks for which there was not an adequate health and safety plan.

“The Ministry also needs to confirm whether the decision to transport arrivals from Auckland to Rotorua was an eleventh hour response to the fact they had not prepared properly for those arrivals to be located at the Stamford Plaza.

“The Ombudsman has announced an audit of managed isolation facilities next month. This should start immediately.

“Nikki Kaye will be writing to the Minister and Ministry of Health calling for improvements in the process in order to keep the residents of Auckland Central safe.

“The Government must do better in its planning and preparation of arrangements for managed isolation. Until we have our border under control, we won’t be able to open up our economy to the world. That will continue to cost Kiwis their jobs.”