A National Government will invest $45 million to revamp National Standards so children, parents and teachers can track their progress throughout the year in key learning areas.

“National Standards has been hugely successful in keeping parents informed about how their kids are doing at school, but we can do more to ensure they are better able to participate in their child’s learning,” Education spokesperson Nikki Kaye says.

“It currently gives a snapshot of how a child is performing, with children given a broad ‘below’, ‘meets’ or ‘above’ rating.

“The new National Standards Plus will provide more information throughout the year about how our kids are progressing at a much more granular level – information that can be accessed immediately online by children and their parents. It will build on tools already used in hundreds of schools.

“National Standards Plus will allow parents to track their child’s progress as it happens, in much more detail. So although a child may stay within a particular rating across a number of years, parents will be able to see whether their child is catching up or falling behind.

“Families will benefit from more regular updates on how their child is progressing against a longer and more detailed list of key learning areas beyond just the core competencies.

“By moving reporting online, National Standards Plus will help teachers by streamlining paperwork and reducing workloads.

“The new system will also help teachers to further tailor learning by delivering faster, more detailed information about where a child is succeeding and where they might have room for improvement.”

National Standards Plus will initially be rolled out to reading, writing, and maths in 2019, but will be extended to digital technology and wellbeing measures over time.

“We will work with the education sector to develop and build tools to enable National Standards Plus,” Ms Kaye says.

“It will help families to be more active in their child’s learning, while also enabling teachers to tailor their teaching to individual students.”

The new funding is made up of a $25 million one-off investment in systems to deliver National Standards Plus, plus $20 million of ongoing funding over four years.

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