Luxon on the job


Christopher Luxon and National will get things done.

New Zealand is a great country, but it’s going backwards and just isn’t working for Kiwis right now.

Global economic uncertainty is making life harder, placing strains on our economy, and increasing the cost of living.

New Zealanders need a competent government that can deliver for all Kiwis.

Christopher Luxon and National will deliver the change New Zealand needs. They will get New Zealand back on track.

National will:

  1. Reduce the cost of living
  2. Lift incomes for all
  3. Build infrastructure for the future
  4. Restore law and order, and
  5. Deliver better health and education services.

Christopher Luxon is a family man with real world experience. He has had a successful business career leading large, global companies, where he has excelled at solving problems, delivering for people and lifting performance.

As Prime Minister, Christopher Luxon will embrace pragmatic, workable solutions for New Zealand’s toughest challenges.

WATCH Christopher Luxon as he works alongside every day Kiwis, hears about their lives and outlines National’s plans to get things done and deliver for all New Zealanders.