Local Government & Internal Affairs

National believes modern, efficient and high-performing public administration is essential to provide critical services to New Zealanders.

You can read our Local Government & Internal Affairs Policy Factsheet here.

Today central and local government are addressing problems of unprecedented complexity. At the same time, the systems and tools of governance are increasingly open, digital and networked. National will ensure that the skills and expertise in our government keep pace, and allow for the most efficient and responsive central and local government in the world.

Internal affairs is a diverse portfolio and National will ensure that all elements of it are operating at their very best. We will continue driving forward to ensure New Zealand has the best digitally enabled public service in the world. We will put Fire and Emergency New Zealand on a firm financial footing and support our firefighters. And we will ensure that our Civil Defence arrangements are fit for purpose for the future.

National will:

  • Repeal the RMA and replace it with separate environmental and urban development legislation.

  • Deliver more options for common transactions, such as driver’s license applications, to be able to be completed online Expedite and complete the review of funding for Fire and Emergency New Zealand and
  • explore alternative funding models and mechanisms for the organisation.

  • Amend ACC legislation to clarify cover for firefighters through an evidence-based presumptive list of cancers which arise from being a firefighter.

You can read our Local Government & Internal Affairs Policy Factsheet here.