MP for Hutt South Chris Bishop says it’s fantastic news that 2019 was a record year for live organ donations in New Zealand.

“The Compensation for Live Organ Donors Act, which began life as a Member’s Bill in my name, came into effect in December 2017 and it is great to see that it is making a difference.

“Provisional data for 2019 shows 88 live kidney donor transplants (and one live liver transplant) occurred in 2019, up from 84 in 2018, which was the previous record year. In 2017 there were just 69 transplants.

“Before the Act, live organ donors received the equivalent of the sickness benefit while they recuperated from the operation (which could be for many weeks). The Act ensures that live organ donors receive compensation of 100 per cent of their earnings for up to 12 weeks after the operation.

“Live organ donors are heroes, and so the Act will more fairly compensates those altruistic New Zealanders who, through the goodness of their hearts, choose to donate an organ to a friend, loved one, or even a stranger, and it reduces the financial barriers to becoming a live organ donor.

“Live organ donors save lives, save taxpayers money, and contribute to a better and healthier New Zealand.

“As awareness of the Act grows, I’m confident we will see even more and more New Zealanders choose to donate organs.”

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