Light Rail going nowhere under Labour

Nearly $60 million has been spent so far and the Auckland Light Rail project is still going nowhere under Labour, National’s Transport spokesperson Simeon Brown says.

"Five years into the project and Michael Wood’s leadership has led to two-thirds of the spending going to consultants.|

“Budget 2022 allocated almost $200 million over the next three years for more consultants and zero construction – another glaring example of a Government that simply cannot deliver for New Zealanders.

“Despite promising to build light rail to Mt Roskill by 2021, Minister Wood has confirmed that the business case for the project won’t even be completed until sometime in mid-2024.

“Labour is scrambling to do anything of significance on this project before the 2023 election to cover up their failure to deliver. Their panicked actions are the consultants' gain, who continue to rake in millions.

"Meanwhile, Aucklanders suffer the consequences as they remain stuck on congested roads due to Labour’s broken promises.

“Come the 2023 election, Labour will have had six years in Government and spent over $130 million on working groups and consultants with nothing to show except press releases and working groups."