Less Red Tape


Excessive regulations hamper competitiveness and reduce productivity. National wants small businesses to thrive and not be strangled by red tape and bureaucracy.

National knows we need to regularly test whether regulations are still needed, remove barriers to new small businesses entering markets and streamline unnecessarily slow and expensive bureaucratic procedures.

Every worker should come home safely. National introduced WorkSafe five years ago to bring a new culture of performance and lift the health and safety outcomes in New Zealand. We would ensure WorkSafe continued on its track to being a high performance organisation. We would also make sure that workplaces have adequate protocols and procedures in a world with Covid-19.

WorkSafe should drive positive change in our health and safety culture, but also reflect the common sense management of modern workplaces. Health and Safety changes can have a major impact on small businesses. Procedures should be reasonable and avoid a culture of draconian enforcement at the expense of a collaborative approach to make our workplaces safer.

National will:

  • Repeal the RMA and replace it with straight forward environmental standards.

  • Simplify Anti-Money Laundering legislation by providing guidance to industry, via a National Policy Statement, on how to comply in a less costly manner, while continuing to meet our international obligations.

  • Initiate a review of WorkSafe, five years since its inception, to ensure it is focused on delivering a high performance culture, with an emphasis on a collaborative and reasonable approach to health and safety improvement.

  • Convene a joint initiative with IRD, ACC, Statistics NZ, MBIE and WorkSafe NZ to specifically identify areas of regulatory duplication for small businesses, specifically in terms of requests for information and unnecessary compliance costs.

  • Require Government departments to measure the cost of compliance imposed on small businesses.

You can read our full Small Business Package Factsheet here.

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