National believes in using the opportunities we have now to benefit all of us down the track. 

We’re setting ambitious targets across the board and taking action to tackle climate change.

That’s why we’ve announced that under a re-elected National Government, one in three cars in the government fleet will be electric by 2021. We’ve already set the goal of having 64,000 electric vehicles in New Zealand by 2021, but we want to lead by example.

There are around 15,500 cars in the Government vehicle fleet, used by everyone from the Department of Conservation, Corrections, to Housing New Zealand and DHBs.

Moving from petrol, diesel and gas to low emission transport is a natural evolution and we want to encourage that switch sooner, rather than later.

Using the Government’s buying power to achieve this target is a no-brainer and will see more electric vehicles on the road, helping us lower emissions and reach the targets we committed to under the Paris Agreement.

We think Kiwis are capable of making their own decisions and we’re already seeing strong uptake of electric vehicles and we think it’s fair for New Zealanders to expect the Government to do their part.

In contrast, we’re facing an unsteady opposition of competing parties with one thing they can agree on – Kiwis should do as they say, not as they do.

While Labour and the Greens believe the role of a Government is to simply impose more taxes, we are focussed on leading the charge with the options available to us, leaving Kiwis to make the right decisions for their own lives.

A party vote for National will re-elect a Government prepared to lead by example and deliver meaningful action on climate change.

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