Law to crack down on gangs one step closer

National’s Firearms Prohibition Order’s (FPO) Bill has finally passed its first reading, National’s Police spokesperson Brett Hudson says.

FPOs give Police more powers to search and take firearms off gangs members. They apply to the most dangerous offenders who have convictions for firearms offences or serious violence.

When Police have reason to believe an FPO has been breached or an offence has occurred, they will be able to search the gang member, their vehicles or premises to look for illegal firearms.

“National has been campaigning on introducing FPOs since 2017, we had a Member’s Bill before Parliament in 2018 that the Government voted down and we included FPOs in our proposed changes to the Government’s gun law reforms, but again it wasn’t picked up.

“Gang membership has been growing rapidly under this clumsy and incompetent Government, there has been a 34 per cent increase in patched and prospect gang members since Labour took office.

“The Government has refused to take action against gangs for too long. National is prepared to crack down on gangs and make your communities safer.”