Labour’s reshuffle won’t change its lack of delivery

The Prime Minister’s reshuffle of the deck chairs will do nothing to deliver for New Zealanders, Opposition Leader Christopher Luxon says.

“Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s replacement of Poto Williams as Police Minister is an acknowledgement of a lack of leadership at a time when violent crime and gang activity are on the increase. Indeed, the Prime Minister this afternoon admitted that her Government’s focus on law and order had been lost.

“While it seems that the Prime Minister has been pressed into making the changes due to pressure from the media and Opposition, a change in minister will not be enough on its own.

“What Police need is leadership from the Government and powers to confront New Zealand’s growing problem with violent crime.

“It is also good news that Trevor Mallard is moving on. National had already lost confidence in the Speaker and it was clear the public had too. We look forward to supporting Adrian Rurawhe’s nomination to the chair.

“But there is nothing in the changes announced today that suggest that the Labour Government is focused on the issues that matter for Kiwis, whether it be crime, the economy or the cost of living crisis.

“Labour reshuffling the deck chairs won’t change the fact that this Government cannot deliver for New Zealanders.

“A Government I lead will be ruthlessly focused on outcomes and the types of interventions that make a difference in Kiwis’ lives.”