Labour’s child poverty claims ruled misleading

More children are living in poverty because of Labour’s economic mismanagement and Labour Leader Jacinda Ardern should stop claiming otherwise, National’s Social Development spokesperson Louise Upston says.

Ardern’s claims that she has improved child poverty have been ruled misleading by AAP FactCheck.

“Labour claimed it had improved seven of the nine official child poverty measures. Stats NZ data shows six of the nine measures have actually worsened under Labour when compared to the previous National Government.

“AAP FactCheck has found Ardern’s statements on child poverty misleading, stating she has presented information incorrectly or out of context, or omitted it completely.

“In 2017 Jacinda Ardern promised Labour would lift 100,000 kids out of poverty by 2020. The specific measure she referred to was children who live in households earning less than 50 per cent of the median income.

“Even before the Covid crisis, there were 12,200 more children who fell into that category. That is a complete and utter failure to deliver.

“The best way to lift children out of poverty is to build a strong economy, create jobs and lift incomes. Labour has shown it is incapable of doing that with economic growth halving under Labour, even before Covid-19 hit.

“For children to live better lives, their parents need to be able to get a job. Under National, job growth was at 10,000 per month. Under Labour, that figure collapsed to 4,000. Again, before Covid-19.

“As we stare down the barrel of the biggest economic crisis in a generation, Labour’s plan to rebuild our economy is higher taxes and a day off.

“Serious questions should be raised about the Labour Leader’s claims on child poverty and she needs to stop the misinformation.

“National will ensure Kiwi children grow up with opportunities by having a strong, dynamic and growing economy that provides every adult with the means to provide for their children.”