Labour’s Car Tax another tax grab

Transport Minister Michael Wood has reluctantly admitted that while he plans to halt his car subsidy if too much money is paid out, he has no similar measure to make sure his policy doesn't turn into a tax grab, National’s Transport spokesperson Michael Woodhouse says.

“How is it fair that under Labour’s Car Tax the Government will stop paying the rebate out for those who can switch to an electric vehicle but it will keep charging farmers and tradies a tax on their utes?

“The Minister will let this policy turn into another tax grab from Labour.

“Labour’s Car Tax is already punitive and unfair. There are plenty of New Zealanders who have jobs or lifestyles that require more than what an electric vehicle can offer them but Labour is intent on punishing them.

“The people who benefit will be higher-income earners who now don’t have to pay as much for a Tesla. We don’t think it’s fair to make tradies pay more for a Hilux so wealthy executives can get a discount on their next electric car.

“National will repeal Labour’s Car Tax.”