The Labour Party is once again being shifty on tax, and needs to come clean with voters on its policy on capital gains tax and land tax before the election, National Party Campaign Chair Steven Joyce says.

“This morning Labour Leader Jacinda Ardern refused to rule out introducing a Capital Gains Tax during the next three years if elected,” Mr Joyce says.

“She said she wouldn’t campaign on it but would use a tax working group to implement it.

“Her exact words were the Labour Party ‘won’t be held back on being able to act on what that group finds’. 

“This is the same approach MP Phil Twyford took at a public meeting in Wellington last week.

“People attending the meeting reported Mr Twyford saying ‘it’s a tough ask to sell the capital gains tax when you’re in opposition, it’s easier when you have an army of public servants’.

“At the same meeting he said that a comprehensive capital gains tax, a land value tax and an asset and wealth tax were all on the table after the election.

“When it comes to new taxes, Labour can’t help themselves.

“They have form – they’ve already tried to fudge their new water tax,” Mr Joyce says.

“New Zealand is currently doing well because people have confidence in economic policy and the Government is not constantly adding new taxes.

“Labour is obviously worried about telling voters what its actual tax plans are.

“They need to stop fudging and be upfront.”

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