The Budget has highlighted that Labour has failed to deliver on more than 50 promises in education and only partially delivered on another 30, National’s Education spokesperson Nikki Kaye says.

“National has released a website to ensure the Government is held to account on its many promises in education. The report card shows Labour has failed to deliver on the promise of social workers in schools and the coalition agreement commitment to deliver free guidance counsellors for all under 25s. 

“Workload has been a major part of the reason for not resolving collective bargaining, and has an impact on teacher wellbeing. National is committed to reducing teacher ratios, allowing more one on one time with teachers and their students, and more release time. 

“Labour promised big for children with additional learning needs, but the report shows in areas like uncapping funding for children with the most complex needs, they not only failed to deliver. National agrees there is a lot more to support needed for children, families and schools. 

“Labour has received an F for promises such as devices for every child, funding for centres with 100 per cent qualified teachers and reduced teacher child ratios in early learning, free driver training, personalisd career plans and modernising all school buildings. The school infrastructure package was very much business as usual and will not get ahead of growth according to the Ministry’s own information.

“This is a Government handed a once in a generation chance to deliver, it had billions of additional funds the previous Government didn’t have due to the Global Financial Crisis and the Canterbury earthquakes. 

“Labour created massive expectations and has now failed to deliver on its promises. National is hopeful that the Government can shift its bargaining parameters to settle collective bargaining and prevent further strikes. It is easy to see why people in our education system are feeling let down.”

Labour's report card can be found here:

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