The Labour Party’s “fresh approach” in the 2017 election campaign is fast becoming a stale repeat of its 2014 and even its 2011 campaign, National Party Campaign Chair Steven Joyce says.

“Already this week they have broken out such hardy triennials as R&D tax credits, their insulation scheme, and their early re-start to contributions to the Super Fund.

“And then today they have released an education policy that is almost in every sense identical to their 2014 one.

“Across their nine headline initiatives, only one is different to 2014, and that was announced eighteen months ago.  And even that wouldn’t fully take effect until 2025,” Mr Joyce says.

“It appears that Labour’s “fresh approach” is largely re-running their 2014 campaign with David Cunliffe’s name twinked out and replaced with Andrew Little.It all amounts to the familiar Labour trifecta of more spending, more debt and higher taxes for hard working Kiwis.

“Given they have had three more years in opposition in the meantime, you’d think they might have time to do some new policy thinking.”

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