The Labour Party might have changed its leaders but where it wants to take New Zealand hasn’t changed, National Party Campaign Chair Steven Joyce says.

“By resurrecting a decade-old idea of charging Aucklanders another tax it’s now clear why they had to abandon the “fresh approach” line,” Mr Joyce says.

“Regional Fuel Tax was Labour Party policy back in 2007 and it has been rejected by voters many times since then. It’s about as tired as R&D tax credits.

“Labour would make Aucklanders pay at least another 10 cents a litre every time they fill up their tank and that’s just for starters. That would have a real impact on the cost of living for hard-working Aucklanders.

“And it would probably spread around the country. Last time around, Wellington and Canterbury were lining up for regional taxes too. There is also no national price so fuel companies could easily transfer the cost to motorists around the country.”

“Labour needs to be clear what the maximum additional tax per litre would be,” Mr Joyce says.

“National has shown that by careful financial management governments can live within their means and also invest in large projects in Auckland like Waterview, the Western Ring Route, the CRL, the Southern Motorway widening. And a whole lot of other big projects around the country.”

“The newly-opened Waterview tunnel and the Western Ring Route are making positive differences to journey times to and from the airport and across the network. There will be more benefits for motorists as the other projects come on stream.”

“Labour’s airport to city rail link policy is also re-heated as they committed to that timetable in the Mount Roskill by-election and then committed to it again with the Greens in March of this year,” Mr Joyce says.

“It’s telling that the first move of the new Labour leadership team is to propose another new tax.

“Labour is determined to put their hands deeper into the pockets of hardworking taxpayers. A new leader but the same old tax and spend Labour Party.”

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