Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment Paul Goldsmith today welcomed the launch of a new Labour Market Dashboard, which will give New Zealanders better access to data on trends in the labour market.

“One of MBIE’s responsibilities is to advise on New Zealand’s Labour Market and bring forward policy solutions that help achieve wage growth, keep employment high, grow the talent New Zealand needs, and ensure people get good outcomes from work,” says Mr Goldsmith.

“Helping New Zealanders better understand the large amount of data available on the Labour Market is a key part of achieving these outcomes.

“The new Labour Market Dashboard released today is a big step forward in putting all of this information in one place. It helps break down the data available and addresses a big gap in the way the labour market data is presented online,” says Mr Goldsmith.

There are four different topics displayed in interactive charts for easy analysis: the Workforce, the Worker, the Workplace, and the Nature of Work. The data is displayed in interactive graphs and can be downloaded and exported to Excel graphs for greater analysis.

“Previously, if you wanted to find labour market statistics you may have had to go to several different websites to find the most up-to-date data. This could be frustrating and time consuming,” says Mr Goldsmith.

“The data hub pools all the relevant information and data from a range of sources and put it all in one place so anyone can easily access the data they need. This is an online, dynamic dashboard which will be kept up-to-date as new data is released.

“As the dashboard can be continuously updated, MBIE welcomes feedback on content and usability to ensure the dashboard is as relevant and user-friendly as possible,” says Mr Goldsmith.

The Labour Market Dashboard can be accessed HERE.

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