The average Kiwi worker will be $1060 worse off a year if Labour is elected to government, National Party Finance spokesperson Steven Joyce says.

"Labour would legislate to overturn the currently legislated tax threshold changes so they no longer come in on 1 April," Mr Joyce says.

"That means workers on the average wage would be $1060 a year worse off.

"In anyone's language workers on the average wage would be paying more tax under Labour than under National.

Mr Joyce says Labour are telling porkies about where the money would go.

"They say it would be spent in health and education, but in fact it would be put towards their very expensive free tertiary education policy. Taxpayers already meet about 80 per cent of the cost of tertiary education. 

"Labour claim to be concerned for family incomes but they simply want to make hard-working kiwis pay more tax. 

"National has released a new ad today highlighting how a Labour government would directly cost working New Zealanders and superannuitants.

"Labour's tax surprise' makes it very clear what's personally at stake in this election.

"All hard-working kiwis who want to get a better return for their work should give their party vote to National."

Labour’s ‘Tax Surprise’ ad is available here:

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