Over 1.7 million families will be worse off because of Labour’s changes to National’s Families Package, which comes into force tomorrow, National Party Finance spokesperson Amy Adams says.

“The Families Package will deliver benefits to families in need – and that’s because 80 per cent of it was designed and legislated by National as part of Budget 2017,” Ms Adams says.

“However Labour’s removal of the $1060 tax cut for a worker on the average wage means over 1.7 million families will actually be worse off, including 257,000 families with children.

“Labour was quick to trumpet the benefits of its approach to the small number of families who gain under its approach – but that is cold comfort to the more than 1.7 million families who will be worse off.

“And that is before you take into account other Government policies which are pushing up the cost of living significantly.

“Changes such as higher fuel taxes, rent increases and higher income taxes are costing Kiwi families over $100 a week and that’s an unacceptable burden on New Zealanders who are trying to get ahead.

“National carefully managed the finances. We managed our spending to get back into surplus so we could afford a Families Package that included tax cuts for the average earner. And there was enough left to do it again in 2020, if we kept spending under control.

“But rather than prioritising Kiwi workers, Labour is blowing money left right and centre - $900 million for foreign diplomats, $2.8 billion for free tertiary education fees without adding any extra students, and a $3 billion slush fund so that New Zealand First can undertake their pet projects.

“This is classic tax and spend from Labour – cancelling the tax cuts for hard-working Kiwis and spending it on poorly thought through policies.

“On Planet Labour money seems to grow on trees. Taxpayers know differently, and should be allowed to keep more of what they earn.”

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