Labour fires up the spin machine

Labour’s desperate spin to distract attention from its incompetent management of the cost of living crisis should be seen for what it is, says National MP Chris Bishop.

“Labour is far more interested in dirty political games than on real solutions to the cost of living crisis and cleaning up the mess they’ve made of the cost of living payment.

“While Kiwis up and down the country are feeling the pain, the Labour Party has spent all morning obsessing over National and misrepresenting clear statements to try and score cheap political points.

“National has always been clear: the next National Government will reduce the tax burden on working New Zealanders. This will include indexing income tax thresholds for inflation.

“For Labour to falsely accuse National of changing our mind on fundamental issues is intensely hypocritical. This is a Government that promised not to extend the brightline test, but did. They promised they wouldn’t bring in new taxes, but introduced a new tenant tax: the removal of interest deductibility as a legitimate expense for landlords.

“Labour has no credibility on tax whatsoever.

“Of all weeks, this is not the time for Labour to be throwing stones. On Tuesday night they sent out a misleading email using misinformation about the cost of living payment to solicit donations from hardworking Kiwis. So far no Labour MP has spoken out condemning this email, and the Prime Minister won’t apologise for it.

“Labour’s cost of living payment is a debacle. This morning I was contacted by someone whose son lives in Perth. He left New Zealand in 2004 but received the cost of living payment. Labour is desperate to talk about anything other than why wealthy Kiwi lawyers in London, French backpackers and people who left New Zealand nearly 20 years ago are receiving taxpayer cash.

“Unlike Labour, National is laser-focused on getting inflation under control, and unlike Labour, we have an economic plan to do it.”